7.2 Tips & Tricks: Donating to Free Images


1.0 Introduction


Donating some of your images may increase exposure of your portfolio and may have the effect of boosting sales. If you are a photographer and wish to donate some of your beautiful photos on 123RF.com, there is an easy way to do so.

Please take note that when you mark any image to be donated, the client may only download the S size image. The S size is probably useful only for blogs and some presentations. If the image is working out for the client, they may upgrade the size and purchase your image for use in their other collaterals such as brochure printing.

2.0 How to Donate Free Images

2.1 Accessing the Free Images Section

Below are the steps to start donating to the free images section:

  1. You have to login to 123RF.com.
  2. Access the Contributor’s Dashboard.c07s02-001tn
  3. Click ‘Donate’ to start donating your images.

2.2 Choosing Images to be Donated

You will be taken to an internal page that allows you to type in the image code of an image that you have already uploaded to your 123RF.com image inventory.


  1. Go to your portfolio and get the image code.
  2. Insert the image code that you would like to donate then press search.
  3. You may proceed to the next page.c07s02-003tn
  4. Check the Filename and Image code before you donate as free image.
  5. Select how long (days) you would like to donate your image.
  6. Click ‘Yes’ when you agree to donate the selected image.
  7. Once you have successfully donated, the image will appear here with the validity.c07s02-004tn
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