8 Essences of Spring

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YAY! IT’S  SPRINGTIME! Here are our Top 8 Favorites of this Flowering Season!


1. While Winter is the cold and Summer the hot, Spring is the in-betweener.  It’s never swelteringly hot or freezing cold, It is always Just Right. And you can always count on a little breeze.



2. Ahh…Blue Skies… unless it is raining but then the sky turns into this really nice shade of gray!



3. Speaking of rain, if it does (and definitely will), go dance in it in your rain boots! We LOVE prancing around in Spring Showers!



4. Birds-ATweeting outside your window, that’s the first morning alarm that you wake up to. Great start to the day!



5. Our personal favorite – Outdoor Rendezvous! Sit outside, read a novel, walk your dogs, have a picnic, the options are endless!



6. Driving Top-Down! No hood? Roll down the windows and blast the stereo to some Willie Nelson or your favorite country!



7. Two words: Tank Tops! *chucking away those puffy, makes-you-look-fat winter jackets*



8. The pretty Spring Flowers, the gorgeous blooms in all shades and sizes, this season can’t get more beautiful than that!


There is more Spring to be had in our exclusively compiled “Essence of Spring” Likebox! Click to view more top seasonal favorites!

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