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Mistake #1: Incorrect Processing of Vector EPS Files

Uploading a picture is easy, we made sure of that but are you uploading

7.2 Tips & Tricks: Donating to Free Images

1.0 Introduction Donating some of your images may increase exposure of your portfolio and

6.1 Top Keywords & Searches

1.0 Evergreens These keywords are popular the whole year round, so if you’re shooting

6.2 Anticipating Seasons & Trends

1.0 Introduction Not all content are created equal. Some contributors have cited that research

6.3 What’s Sellable?

1.0 Introduction We decided that this is a good place to stash our top

5.1 Importance and Legal Implications of Releases

1.0 Introduction Any photograph that contain a recognizable or identifiable face of a person

5.2 Model Releases

1.0 Introduction A model release is a legal document in which the photographed model

5.3 Property Releases

1.0 Introduction A property release is a legal document in which the photographed property’s

5.4 Copyrighted Material That 123RF Does Not Accept

1.0 Introduction Getting yourself involved in a copyright infringement case can be a very

4.1 Best Practices and Strategies on Describing and Keywording Photos & Illustrations

1.0 Introduction No matter how talented you are, your masterpieces won’t get sold if