These blog articles are meant to guide developers who are working with 123RF’s API towards successfully completing the integration of the API with any online system.

What you need to know

  • We will be using PHP to illustrate the examples.
  • The full API documentation can be found here:
  • To proceed, you will need to apply for a Commercial API Key here: first
  • Then copy the API key that will be used in your app later on.
  • When you are ready to test your app before it goes live, you may ask your Account Manager to load some 123RF Download Credits into your API key for testing purposes.
  • Please understand that 123RF’s API is divided into 2 parts:
    • Non-commercial API
      The API calls that are listed here mainly deal with searching and filtering through the vast content library at 123RF and retrieval of content-based information such as contributors’ name, description of content and keywords associated with the content. These API methods are usually used to run search-based affiliate and referral programs to
    • Commercial API
      123RF’s Commercial API supports all the methods covered under the Non-commercial API. Generally, Developers use the Commercial API to develop website applications that support downloading of content and checking the amount of available credits that has been loaded into the Commercial API key.
  • This guide will concentrate on searching for content, as well as downloading content as an application that supports Print-On-Demand businesses.

Basic Requirements to Proceed with the API Implementation

  1. Sign and Understand the Value Added Reseller Agreement
    • Please ensure that you have read and have managed to secure legal advise or have made an informed decision to agree with and abide by the terms and conditions as stipulated in the 123RF VAR Agreement.
    • 123RF requires a signed copy of the agreement before we can approve your application to run a Commercial API Key.
  2. A valid and approved Commercial API Key
    • Please apply for a Commercial API Key here :
    • We usually approve Commercial API key applications within 24 hours. If you do not received your approved Commercial API Key within the stipulated time, please get in touch with your Account Manager or contact us.
  3. A valid Customer ID (CustID), SecretKey & AccessKey
      • Once your Commercial Key application has been approved, your Account Manager will supply you with your very own:
        • CustID – every Value Added Reseller will have their own unique CustID.
        • SecretKey – this is an important component as most commercial key API callbacks will require this SecretKey.
        • AccessKey – this is an important component as most commercial key API callbacks will require the AccessKey also.
      • Details of these 3 pieces of information can also be found on this page when it has been approved:
  4. Credits loaded into the API Key
    • For most of the API methods to work, you will need credits to be loaded into your API key. Without download credits, it would be impossible to test the download content method.
    • When your application is in the testing / sandbox phase, you may arrange for test credits to be loaded into your API key for testing purposes. Get in touch with your Account Manager to arrange for the test credits.

Code Examples

Some hotshot developers would be able to understand the API documentation ( ) that we’ve prepared for you, however, if you need some examples to lead the way, we have prepared a few tutorials as well as some code examples to help you understand the implementation better.

The examples here are using a more procedural style of programming.

Action Description Example Download
Search & Display Search Results Learn how to use the API call to begin searching for content on 123RF. Then, we will use the output of the API call to display relevant search results. Demo Zip
Displaying Content Details Use API calls 123rf.images.getInfo.V2 to display details for a specific content ID Demo Zip
Check Remaining Credits
Using 123rf.customer.getCreditCount to check the amount of credits remaining for the customer ID before downloading an image to be used to fulfill an order is always a good idea. N/A N/A
Download Specific Content This section shows how you can use 123rf.customer.buyCredit* to download the content that you require to fulfill your customer’s order. N/A N/A