Foreword from the Authors

The 123RF Contributor Guidebook is the result of the combined efforts of the 123RF Submission team. It is our hope that we provide a centralized knowledge base that would be useful to Contributors such as yourself to embark into the world of Microstock with 123RF.com.

We have tried our best to guide you through the various methods that you can submit your creative content to 123RF.com website by adding our own knowledge, expertise and expressing them in the course of producing this guidebook.

It is our hope that you we will be able to see your creative work on 123RF.com soon and we hope this Guidebook will be a useful resources to you.

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Alex P’ng
Mimi Tee
Ann Lee
Leena Wong
Eric Tay
Angelina Lee
Yvette Deidre
Andrew Spencer
Katherine Lim


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