10 Things Never To Say To A Graphic Designer


Graphic designers are often the most misunderstood of individuals in an agency or company. It’s not like they are vying to be pampered and worshipped but basically trying to complete their tasks as professional and stress-free as they can with a looming deadline and restless clients stepping on their toes.

So if the weight of the tasks ahead is not enough to justify their anxious faces and pissed off expressions, maybe these 10 things would. All in all,  we like it when projects take off without much glitches or drama and gets done on time with quality intact so let’s each do our part and keep annoyance to a minimal level. Thank you very much, Peace out!

How to Annoy a Graphic Designer - An Infographic from Print-Print.co.uk Blog

Image Credit: Print-Print.co.uk

Designers, do you have anything to add? Please comment below, we love hearing from you!

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