Stock Photo - lonely orphan child sitting on the railroad

“All aboard!” yelled the conductor from the platform of lucky no.3.

The whistle blew once, twice, thrice, and the Eastbound train pulls away from the salmon pink-walled station, leaving behind a trail of steamy sighs. As the dust settled, the near-empty station now hums in anticipation of the next wave of passengers. But wait, three forlorn figures remained…

A woman in her late 30s sat demurely on a wooden bench in an off-white dress with pink polka dots. Her tear-streaked face showed signs of misery and chagrin.

Standing close-by, a haggard-looking man twiddling his thumbs and bouncing on the balls of his faded leather boots. His eyes stared into space with empty expression.

But it was a lone figure who stood out on that scorching hot afternoon. Not for his scruffy cloth-patched shirt nor his disheveled head of hair. It was the look on his face, so innocent, so delightful as he clutched his teddy bear tightly to his chest. So enamored was he with his stuffed toy that he didn’t flinch when the veined wooden station clock struck 12.

Spot the difference in this scenario? What is it about this child who is so oblivious to his desolated surroundings? Like a spot of color on a black and white frame, so vivid yet welcoming in the face of adversity. Today, we want you to discover the sweet innocence of the child in you once again and paint your life with the color of joy!

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