1.0 Introduction


123RF.com is certainly no stranger to the world of stock. With a 8 year track record, 123RF.com is one of the fastest growing microstock companies in the world. 123RF opened its doors in the middle of 2005 offering only subscription packages to its clients.

Since then, 123RF has diversified its product offering that not only consists of Royalty Free Images but also Illustrations, Editorial Content, Footage, Audio and Exclusive Logos. To date, 123RF now houses more than 20 millions digital assets.

2.0 Why You Should Register with Us?

We are a one stop center for Royalty Free microstock content online. You have the chance to show your incredible shots and production to the advertising industries. You may also be featured to share your photography experience with our contributor community through ‘Hear it!‘ – where you can learn how to improve on your photography skills and create more content for us. We have a strong worldwide presence, hence you’ll be getting loads of exposure once you register with us.

3.0 How to Register as a Contributor?

To register as a contributor, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to 123RF’s website.
  2. Click Sign Up.


  3. Fill up your details accordingly.


  4. You may select if you’d like to receive newsletters from us.
  5. Ensure that you checked the boxes stating: ‘I have read and agreed to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use‘ and ‘Sign-up as 123RF Photographer/Contributor‘ as shown at icon number 1.
  6. Once you have checked the box for ‘Sign-up as 123RF Photographer/Contributor‘, there will be more information that you will need to complete.
  7. Please select your payment method accordingly as shown at icon number 2. This is important because we need to know how payments will be made to you.
  8. Select your payment limit as shown at icon number 3.
  9. Once done, hit the ‘Register Now‘ button at icon number 4.
  10. An email will be sent to you shortly for account verification.
  11. Proceed to the ‘123RF.com Photo Contributor Agreement‘ and check ‘I Agree‘.

4.0 Completed Registration Process

Registered users will have access to various features, such as access to My Account, Lightbox, Free Images and many more. Please also look out for our newsletter, where we reveal the top shots for the preceeding month and forecast some trends for you.