1.0 Introduction


Stock footage are film or video footage that may or may not be custom shot for use in a specific film or television program. Stock footage is of beneficial use to filmmakers as it is sometimes less expensive than shooting new material. A single piece of stock footage is a “stock shot” or a “library shot”. Stock footage may have appeared in previous productions but may also be outtakes or footage shot for previous productions and not used. Examples of stock footage which might be utilized are moving images of cities and landmarks, wildlife in their natural environments and historical footage.

2.0 Requirements to Contribute

You will have to fulfill the following criterias to begin contributing to this section:

  • You have to register for a Contributor Account on 123RF.com.
  • You are 18 years old or above.
  • You must upload your Government Issued Identification to 123RF.com.

You may skip the above steps if you already have a valid 123RF.com Contributor Account.

3.0 Uploading Footage to 123RF.com

3.1 Requirements to upload Your Footage via FTP

1. To begin, we recommend that you install Filezilla FTP Client. Download the client version.
2. Select the downloadable platforms for your current computer’s operation system (OS).
3. After downloading the client from the website, open the .exe file and install it.
4. Then proceed to run the program after installation.
5. After installlation, the FTP client should look like below:


Box A : This bar is where the FTP address, username & password should be keyed in.
Box B : This panel is where you see the response from the server when you are already connected.
Box C : This area is where you will drag & drop footage files into the server.
Box D : This is the upload status information panel. For every image you upload into our server, you can see the processing status in this box.

You may skip the above steps if you already have a valid FTP account.

3.2 Upload your Footage:

  1. Login to your 123RF account.
  2. Access the Contributor’s Dashboard.


  3. Click on the ‘Upload‘ button.
  4. Select ‘Footage


  5. Click the ‘Continue >>‘ button.


  6. Click the ‘Get FTP Access Here‘ button.
  7. Set up your FTP client to upload to 123RF.com.
  8. Connect your FTP client to 123RF’s FTP server. Please use the following settings:
    • Host Address/Server : footage.ftp.123rf.com
    • Username : Your Username (UID)
    • Password : Your login password at 123rf.com
  9. Once you click on ‘Quickconnect‘, you will see a connection response at the top.
  10. Once you have connected, look for the filename folder on your right. Drag the footage file to Box C.
  11. The Uploading process will be shown in Box D.
  12. The status panel where the ‘successful transfer‘ tab is indicates the status of footage being uploaded to our server.


3.3 Processing your Footage

To check on your uploaded Footage on 123RF, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on ‘Refresh Uploaded File List‘.


  2. Click on ‘Process Files‘.


3.4 Check your Footage Processing Status

To view your processing status, you can go to the “Processing Queue” Tab.


3.5 Completed Footage

  1. Click on ‘Completed Footages‘ to view the completed footage.
  2. You may now add the description and keywords for your completed footage.


3.6 Describing and Keywording Your Footage

Describing and keywording your digital assets is a very important phase. The more accurate your keywords are, the easier it would be for a client to look for your footage and license it; provided your footage is what they are looking for.

We have developed a comprehensive guide to help you along with this stage. Please visit the Best Practices and Strategies on Describing and Keywording Footage section if you need a hand with this stage.