3 Truths About Your Mom & Technology


Stock Photo - Happy woman and her daughter with digital tablet relaxing at homeWe’ve all been there. The day when your Mom finally embraces the modern world of tech and gadgets. In a way it is good that she wants to get in touch with you and keep up with your online activities but be prepared for a torrent of forwarded emails, texts and Facebook wall posts asking if you’re coming home for dinner. Technology is supposed to connect us closer but it can also drive us apart. So here are 3 truths to help deal with the frustration and make the process as enjoyable as watching cat videos.

  1. She is NOT a geek like you

So the acronyms and tech terms you are familiarizing yourself with will seem like gibberish to your Mom. Keep in mind that when you were a child and learning about the world, Mom was your guide and expert. She had to answer your silly questions like “why is the sky blue?” or “where do babies come from?” She put up with your dirty laundry and forgetfulness so in this tech-driven society, the best you can do is take a deep breath, think peaceful thoughts and repeat (for the third time), how to add contacts into her brand new smartphone.

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  1. She just needs a little GUIDANCE

Mom doesn’t need to know everything so just stick to the basics! If she wants to learn to use a smartphone, teach her to make calls, download apps she might need and take pictures with it. Don’t explain data speeds, or why their desktop crashed. Just tell them which buttons to press or best yet, take some time to write down clear, simple steps or even flowcharts and diagrams if you’re feeling fancy. Put labels on computers, TV and printers to make it as easy as possible. Trust me, this will result in much less “panic calls” for tech support when you are away.

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  1. She WILL get things wrong

Tech terms will become a fluffy jumble of words and “The” will be added to the name of every social media platform – The Facebook, The Google – you get the point. Don’t even talk about Pinterest or Instagram, explaining these will be like chewing rubber from the soles of your shoes. Sometimes we must admit defeat. Let Mom call tech whatever she wants and try not to laugh when she says she needs a cord to send an email (like in this ridiculously funny sketch) So it’s alright if Mom gets a few or most things wrong! 3 words of advice: LET. IT. GO.

So there you have it! Here’s a lovely photo manipulation to show how Moms do make the perfect world. Of course, it’s Mother’s Day so don’t forget to give your dear Momma a call on her smartphone!

Stock Photo - mother and little daughter play at sunset beach

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