4 Great Ways To Make Extra Money Online As An Artist


Vector - Flat design of creative people design occupations, art direction employment, 3D modeling artist job, motion graphic designer profession.You don’t have to be a starving artist. Now is the best time to be alive if art is what you love. Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss while supporting your passion. Here are some great alternative ways you can start earning online!

1. Teach What You Love

If you love art as much as we do then share your talents with the world. One of the best ways you can earn is by educating others. Photographers, digital artists, and graphic designers have a wide scope of knowledge that is helpful to any budding creative. Become a great teacher or mentor to your art community and reap the rewards with this alternative career.

You can collaborate with sites or create your own, offering ebooks, video courses, or subscription services for those hungry to learn. Strengthen your skills if you have to and become that industry expert people want to hire!

Vector - Flat line design of web banner template with outline icons of business mentor training course, online seminar, internet workshop service. Modern vector illustration concept for website or infographics.2. Crowdfunding

Have a new comic you’re ready to launch? If you haven’t already seen this incredibly inspirational video, then type “The Art of Asking” into YouTube. Artist and musician Amanda Palmer shares her remarkable story of how she was able to fund her musical albums using crowdfunding sites.

And she’s not the only one! Social media has allowed people from all over the world support the artists they love by contributing to their current and upcoming projects. From Kickstarter to Patreon, find an avenue where others will support you and you’ll be a starving artist no more!

Stock Photo - Crowd Funding Contribution Donate Fundriser Concept

3. Entertainment

If animation or storytelling is your passion, consider a career in entertaining others online. YouTube has catapulted the careers of many creatives while allowing them to earn from ad revenue and brand sponsorships. If videos aren’t your thing, consider selling your stories in an online format so that anyone has access to them.

At the end of the day, people want to connect to you and your stories. Show the truest, purest, form of your creative self and you’ll develop a following no matter the area you choose.

Vector - Mobile video editor flat isometric vector concept. People create a movie on smartphone using film strip and sticky tape.

4. Selling Your Art Online

Artists have been selling their art since the beginning of time. From the old Victorian painters to modern graphic designers, if you can create, then you can sell. Looking to sell your newest photos? Why not try 123RF, we’ve got a whole collection of articles if you would like to be a contributor and start monetizing your art plus registration is free!

You know that awesome painting you just made? I bet it would look great as a t-shirt or mug! The beauty of selling your art online is that you can sell it yourself or earn a percentage by partnering with sites that offer to bring the customers to you or put your designs on their products. Here are some ways you can sell your artwork online:

  • Sell individual stocks or graphics.
  • Sell high quality prints.
  • Sell your designs on apparel and other products.

Vector - Gift set template, Corporate identity design The first step to changing your life is getting your art out there! Even if you’re not “famous” or “popular” yet, never underestimate the power of social media. It connects us all to each other and opens the door to life-changing possibilities if you let it.

It’s never too late to start! The best person you can invest in is yourself so I hope you’ve found the courage to tackle your passion today. Share with us what you love to do in the comments below. And good luck!

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