1.0 Introduction


A property release is a legal document in which the photographed property’s owner grants the photographer the permission to photograph and distribute the images of the involved property under certain conditions (Licensing). Property releases acts as a liability waiver to the photographer should any legal issues arise related to the distribution of those images.

2.0 Requirements for a Property Release

Places that the photographer require a property release for photo shooting on location;

  1. Any Exterior / Interior of properties that is individually owned or by an Organization.
  2. Places that require an entrance fee (eg ; Museums, War Memorial Sites, Theaters, Music Halls, Performing Art Centers, Amusement Park Rides)
  3. Any Building Exterior that is famous for its architectural design and is a Main Focus of the Image
  4. Any property that is governed by its local law or UNESCO World Heritage Committee (exceptions: Statue of Liberty, Big Ben Clock Tower, The Eiffel Tower in the Daytime)
  5. Statues below 70 years ( built AFTER 1950s)
  6. Cruise and Cargo Ships with visible logo, initials or numbers
  7. Paintings, Murals or any kind of artwork (Hand-drawn/painted) by other person(s) and yourself


3.0 Uploading Property Releases to 123RF.com

3.1 Downloading a Property Release

  1. Login to 123RF.com (if you haven’t already done so)
  2. Go to the Contributor’s Dashboard and click on ‘Releases


  3. There will be two types of releases in PDF format. For Properties, click on the “Property Release” link as shown below:


  4. A new window will appear and load the Property Release for you. Scroll down. NOTE : Please make sure you have Adobe PDF Reader installed FIRST, if not you can install it for free here. Get Adobe Reader FREE!

    It would be a good idea to print several copies for personal use at your own leisure. Alternatively, you may also save a copy to your hard disk so that you can print it out later.

    This is how the Property Release will look : Property Release document

3.2  Filling in the Property Release

Property Releases ensures that the photographs of properties taken by the photographer (you) are given the permission to be published online.



  • Physical copies of the Property Releases can be filled in via handwriting, and MUST be scanned in an Upright Horizontal position. (if you do not own a scanner, you are allowed to snap a photo of the Property Release in the same manner – the information written must be clear and readable on the image)


  • Photographer’s / Property’s information on Property Releases can also be filled in via computer software programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint but SIGNATURES of both photographer and Property must be via handwriting.


3.3 Uploading Property Releases to 123RF

Now that you have already filled in the Property Releases for your images (make sure both physical and soft copies of the Property Releases are kept in a safe place), you will have to upload the Property Release(s) into our system. If not, have your images already uploaded and ready to be attached by a property release. Please refer to the images to help you understand better.

Go to the Contributor’s Dashboard (as in STEP 1) Click on “Releases”. Click on the link “Upload one now


  1. Browse for the Property Release on your computer. Select the Property Release that you want to upload for your images. NOTE : Property Releases are only acceptable in JPG and PDF formats only.
  2. Choose the appropriate Type of Release that you are about to upload. For this case, Select “Property” in the drop menu.
  3. After attaching the release that you are looking for, key in a name for your release (eg; Property_name_date_of_photoshoot.jpg/pdf). You may also key in a description of your Property release for your own purposes.
  4. Click on the “Upload” tab. Process of Uploading is on the way.


  5. Your uploaded Releases will be shown like this.



3.4 Attaching Your Releases to Your Images

Now that you’ve already uploaded your releases, here is the fun part. You are just a step away from having the proper releases attached to the respective properties of your images.

Make sure to have an image of the Property in the release, although optional, it is advisable to do so for easy reference on our side. Please refer to the images below to understand better.

  1. Go back to “Release” page (refer to STEP 1 on how to get there), you will see that your uploaded Release is now in a table like below.
  2. To attach Property Releases to your images, click on the checkbox of the Property releases you wish to attach. You may select several releases to work with.
  3. Select on “Attach Selected Releases to Photos” tab


  4. You will be directed to a new page that shows the status of your “checked release” that you are going to attach to the images of the respective Propertys in your portfolio. NOTE : Click on the “Open” to make sure that it is readable.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see your image (example image) arranged in a manner that will be easy for you to “check”. To begin, check the “Attach (Property-release-name)” and start attaching relevant photographs. Once checked, your images will have the Property release attached to their images respectively.


If ALL your images belong to one Property in your release, you are allowed to “Attach All” in order to cut down your time by clicking one by one. Make sure that ONE Property RELEASE is for ONE Property ONLY.