1.0 Introduction


Not all content are created equal. Some contributors have cited that research is key to knowing what content is in demand. Good contributors are very sensitive towards the changing trends and requirements of the Creative Directors of various ad agencies and can produce good content to meet that demand.

2.0 The Prudence of doing Research

Research is key. Most good contributors would say looking at magazines and ad space are vital research materials before creating the next shoot. Illustrationists would also look at the latest site designs and design based blogs before executing their next batch of illustrations.

Nevertheless, spending some time looking through magazines and blogosphere will bear some fruit for the serious contributor and will produce a portfolio that will sell and continue to be productive for years to come.

3.0 Be Mindful of The Changing Seasons

Throughout the years in the business we at 123RF.com have come to understand the the effect of seasons very carefully and how it correlates with sales.

The season that bears the most fruit for most contributors would be Christmas. If you have a portfolio that has a lot of fresh Christmas imagery you can be assured of having a good sales run in the months of August, September, October and November.

There is little point producing Christmas images in December as downloads will be dwindling because most of the campaigns concerning Christmas would have been executed months before.

Therefore, if you would like to reap the most benefit, do upload your images or illustrations to us before September!

This is true for almost every major celebration around the world. Make sure you upload your content at least 2 months before the event and you will benefit from your foresight.

Here are a list of seasonal themed content that you should be producing:

  1. New Years – Celebrations & Fireworks, Happy 2014, 2015 etc.
  2. Chinese New Year – Chinese Animal Zodiac, Year of the Dragon etc.
  3. Christmas – Santa Claus, reindeer, snow, Christmas tree, Baby Jesus, tinsel, baubels, christmas decor
  4. Valentine’s Day – Romantic, Chocolates, Ribbons, Gifts
  5. Easter – Jesus, Cross, Angels
  6. Eid
  7. Diwali
  8. Halloween – Zombies, Vampires, scary stuff, grunge backgrounds, Mummies, ghosts, skulls

4.0 And then there’s the Evergreens

Some content no matter the season seem to do well the whole year round. This should be your staple, contrary to popular belief, flowers do not sell very well although very very good ones do. Here are some themes, concepts and keywords of content that does well throughout the year:

  1. Business – Businesswomen, Businessmen, Business teams
  2. Family – Doing things together
  3. Kids – Playing, smiling, having fun
  4. Shopping – Retail therapy, buying shoes, dresses etc.
  5. Backgrounds – swirls, abstracts
  6. Babies – cute, smiling, looking at camera
  7. Food and Beverage, desserts – Deliciously done, makes you hungry
  8. Web Icons – staple for the illustrators