How Do I Choose The Best Pricing Plan For Stock Photos?

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There are 3 types of plans that 123RF offers – Subscription, On Demand and an Annual Download Pack. A subscription plan permits you to download a daily limit of images; On Demand allows you to purchase credits and download images as and when you need and recently we rolled out an Annual Download Pack that features an annual limit of images.

Before you make a choice on the price plans, you need to ask yourself 4 basic questions:

  1. What content do you need?  (Content includes Stock Photos, Vectors, Stock Footage & Royalty Free Music)
  2. Which content size do you need?
  3. How often do you need the content?
  4. Are you using the content for Resale Purposes? (This means are you selling the item on which the content will be printed on? Eg: T-shirt or any packaging materials)

Once you have determined exactly what you require, you can start choosing the perfect pricing plan that wouldn’t break your bank.

If the content that you need fulfills one of these requirements, then the On Demand plan will be best suited for you:

  1. Need Stock Footage and/or Royalty Free Music.
  2. Use our images on products or packaging for sale.
  3. Need to download TIFF (Extra Large Files) for billboards and/or wallpaper usage.
  4. Need only a few images for your creative projects.
  5. Need flexibility in purchasing content anytime you want within the year after purchase.

Otherwise, a Subscription plan would suffice if you just need lots of stock photos and vectors for web or basic design usage. You can also opt for the Annual Download Pack if you are a light user who want the simplicity of the subscription plan without having to figure out the credits for an on demand plan.

To summarize what we just discussed:


On Demand

Annual Download Pack

Suited For

Heavy Users

Light Users who need a range of content in varied sizes and licensing

Light Users

Type Of Content

Stock Photos


Stock Photos


Stock Footage

Royalty Free Music

Stock Photos


Content Size


EPS (vector)

Any size


EPS (vector)

Available Licenses

Standard Only

Standard and Extended*

Standard Only

* Click the link to know more about our licensing plans.

It’s perfectly alright if you are still unsure about which price package you need. That’s what our support team is here for! We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find the ideal plan or customize one specifically for your business and industry.

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