Creative Innovator: Lisa Winter

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“I would like to create something that makes the world better.
Finding awesome answers to life’s problems.
The big picture of what I want to continue to do is something
that’s gonna change the world in a huge way.”

— Lisa Winter

Discover Lisa Winter, a woman of technology, groundbreaking creator and robot-builder, as featured in Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls STEM documentary project.

When Lisa was 10, she built Doughboy, her first robot. For her, it’s all in the family — her father’s a robot builder and her mother collects them. But she really got hooked when her father came home from a Robots War competition with a trophy and videotapes of the battles. Since then, she’s been building robots and competing in Battle Bots, worked in a start-up that was bought by Mattel and continued to utilize her unique skills at the world’s largest toy company.

It’s one of those days where u wear all the safety gear. . #dremel #grinding #messy #safetyfirst #pinkhair #robot

A post shared by Lisa Winter (@titanium_teeth) on

A post shared by Lisa Winter (@titanium_teeth) on

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