Sometimes you need more than just text and photos to make your marketing visual pop. Vectors with vibrant colors and bold contrasts can draw a prospective client’s eye to the message you’re trying to convey, too. With creative marketing, your visuals don’t always have to solely utilize vectors on their own – combining illustrations with photos can work even better.

Get Creative With Your Illustration Placements

Believe it or not, organized placements of photos and vectors are key. Sometimes when you look at certain visuals, the design looks like it has been placed helter-skelter. Truth is, that actually took some skill to make you perceive it that way, like it looked effortless. Ask any designer. 😉

It’s basically down to the demographic and vibe you’re going for in your visual. Are you making a summer camp banner, and the visual calls for something bright and fun for kids? Colors are important. Black and white will probably be too serious for kids, and they’ll have a hard time trying to capture your message. But it’s not always a bad idea – chalkboard styles are perfect for relating to kids – even if they are lucky enough to study with digital devices now.

Creative Marketing With Combining Photos And Vectors - 123RF Blog

Perhaps you can even go with a full vector illustration if you’d rather not opt for actual photos. Contributor Pavlo Syvak’s portfolio might be a good place to start with. Go free with your creative marketing!

Creative Marketing With Combining Photos And Vectors - 123RF Blog

Here’s another example – your brand is targeting entry-level executives with a productivity solution. Using an image comprised of photos and illustrations, such as the one below, can help convey your brand’s message better instead of a sole photo. Hand-drawn illustrations are a popular choice – mainly because your designer can doodle them, and they’re easy to replicate. When in the midst of producing your own doodles, you’ll eventually need some form of inspiration. Just search our library for the content you need.

Creative Marketing With Combining Photos And Vectors - 123RF Blog

Animate Your Illustrations

Our eyes are automatically drawn to something that moves – it’s why the concept of movies became so famous and we’re all willing to sit for a few hours to watch a film. There’s a reason why GIFs are so popular, too. So if you’re able to add a little animation to your visual, your chances of retaining eyeballs are higher.

The best part is, micro-animations are trending this year. Take advantage of that and strike while the iron’s still hot! We don’t really see this going away anytime soon, either. Bonus if you’re able to create informational visuals with micro-animations that provide value to your audience.

Experiment away! When you’re in charge of your brand’s marketing, it’s totally ok to let your creativity run wild and free. Check out how you can use localized content to create marketing campaigns, or these creative marketing tips on creating visual content.