2019 is definitely a year for making waves. We’re hyped to reveal our latest gift to you – a one month per card calendar designed to spark creativity. Our mission? To help you get the most out of this year by giving your imagination a good ol’ massage for stimulation, and recharge your creative energy. Think of it as a little boost for the new year!

Follow our video guide below to get an idea on how you can set up your calendar stand.

You might call it a calendar, but we know you can make it more than just that. Explore and push your creative boundaries to discover endless possibilities.

Our calendar cards can be used for:

Absolute fun. No, really.

Footage by Ittichai Anusarn, 123RF.

Try arranging your calendar pieces to make a decorative wall clock. Slap them onto any surface of your preference and add your own clock needles. What better way to tell time than with stunning calendar cards?


Photo by ammentorp, 123RF.

Out of paper? Use the back of your calendar card! Scrawl freely or write according to the lines using a whiteboard marker pen (or any identical pen). We’ve used a whiteboard type material to coat the cards, so it’s completely okay if you mess up, or want to hide your secret notes. Simply erase your tracks using some tissue, a cleaning cloth, or even your finger.

Gift labels.

Photo by Angel Luis Simon Martin, 123RF.

Send ‘em away with a gift! Use them as gift tags for any occasion. All you need to do is punch a hole onto any of the four corners, and attach it to your present.

Marking your spot in a book.

Photo by Galyna Motizova, 123RF.

Slide the cards of your choice between pages, or use them as a divider in your planner or organizer. Make the most out of our cards.

Alright, where can I get me one of these?

Unfortunately, these are pretty exclusive, which means we’ve only produced a limited amount. We absolutely understand if you want one, though (so do we!) and we thought about giving you the opportunity to make your own. If DIY is your jam, check out our PDF guide below and find out how you can create your own printable 2019 calendar.


Make 2019 your best year with 123RF 😉