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South African origami artist, Ross Symons, has an unbelievably spectacular collection of intricate origami creations. His detailed artwork is featured in his 365-day challenge, a personal project he has undertaken, in which he folds one origami design a day and posts his work on social media.

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Originally a web developer, Ross found himself often starting new projects on the side, and the amazing responses he received allowed him to turn his origami creations into a full time business.

I dedicated the entire year of 2014 to improving my craft and sharing it with world. That’s when I started my popular Instagram account, white_onrice, where I fold and post a different origami figure every day. I increased my following on this account from just 120 to over 100,000 in under 18 months! As my project grew, I wanted to become a full time origami artist and I developed an entire brand around White on Rice, which has allowed me to quit my 9-to-5 job and run my own business full time.
— White on Rice

origami art white_onriceorigami art white_onrice origami art white_onrice origami art white_onrice origami art white_onrice

This beautiful art of paper folding originates from Japan, which usually involves transforming a square piece of paper into a completed figure. In modern day, the term origami is used for any sort of paper folding as a visual art form – one that includes a broad design ranging anywhere from imaginative flower shapes to detailed dinosaur sculptures.

White on Rice creates social media content for brands and private clients, does origami commissions, origami installations and stop motion animations, which are all conceptualised, directed, photographed and edited in-house.
— White on Rice

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Ross posts his completed origami daily on his Instagram, white_onrice, tagged #MiniatureGami, of which he is currently on Day 81 out of 365. He also has tutorials dedicated to origami creations on his Youtube channel. Adidas, Converse, PlayStation and Red Bull are among the brands that he has worked with to create designs for stop motion animations and brand campaigns.

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