Now that you are familiar with describing and keywording Royalty Free images and illustrations, we shall proceed in guiding you towards tackling the task for your Editorial Content. First and foremost, what is Editorial Content? The term ‘editorial’ refers to newsworthy publication/articles of newspapers, magazines, and books that capture the concerns of the public. Editorial for newsworthy publication would also be stories that explain timeliness, urgency, up-to-date, and reports of the events, be it a happy incident or a tragedy that is valid and true. It is important for you to know that Editorial images are strictly NOT allowed for commercial/advertisement purposes.

You need to describe and keyword your Editorial content to complete the submission process. Another key point should know is that all submitted Editorial content must include:

1. the venue of where the image was taken
2. the date of when the image or event took place
3. clear description of the image (who and what)

Describing and Keywording Editorial Content

After you have uploaded your Editorial content, you will have to describe and keyword the content accordingly before they are reviewed by our team. Writing a clear, concise but detailed description of what you see in the image is best for your Editorial content. You may give out the exact location name, date of the event or occasion and the kind of event that is currently taking place. This adds value to your Editorial content as it will immediately be ranked top in our search results should you be the only contributor with the specific image in our collection.

How to Describe and Keyword Your Editorial Content

For your convenience, once you have uploaded your Editorial images to 123RF, here’s how you can keyword them quickly and painlessly.

  1. You have to login to
  2. Access the Contributor’s Dashboard.c04s02-001tn
  3. Click on ‘History’.
  4. You will see your latest Uploads for the month.
  5. Look towards the bottom right of the screen, you’ll find a summary statistic that shows:
    • The number of Uploaded content
    • The number of Accepted content
    • The number of Pending content
    • The number of Rejected content
  6. 123RF’s review policy dictates that if an Editorial image is NOT keyworded or described adequately and accurately, our reviewers will not review them.
  7. If you have pending images, do click on the Pending images number under Editorial in the summary to view all your pending Editorial images.
  8. You should see your pending Editorial images as below. If your images have not been keyworded or described, you will see red text above the relevant text fields instructing you on what you should do.c04s02-002tn
  9. In our example, an apt description should be :
    SINGAPORE – February 18, 2013 – Black colored Jaguar on display at the International Automobiles Show in Singapore.In this example, appropriate keywords could be :
    Jaguar, black, car, sedan, luxury, display, exhibition, car show, automobile, automobile show, Singapore.
  10. If you have other pending Editorial images that are missing descriptions and keywords, work right through them as well.
  11. Modification of description and/or keywords of an Editorial image will send it back to the pending queue.
  12. When you’re done, click on the ‘Save’ button.

Guidelines to Describe and Keyword Your Editorial Content

To illustrate this, we have provided a few helpful examples below:

1. Event Related Editorial Content:

Format : Location, Date : Description of Event
Example: New York City, USA – September 13, 2009 – The crowd at the Video Music Awards (VMA 2009)

2. Event Related Editorial Content with a Celebrity(ies):

Format : Location, Date – Description of Celebrity / Action of a Celebrity at an Event
Example: New York City, USA – September 13, 2009 – Taylor Swift accepting her award for best Female Video at the Video Music Awards (VMA 2009)

3. Venue Related Editorial Content:

Format : Location, Date : Description of Image
Example: Paris, France, September 13, 2009 – Crowd shopping at Lafayette department store in Paris.

4. Object Related Editorial Content:

Format : Location, Date – Description of Object
Example: Detroit, Michigan – January 12, 2009 : Red colored Ford Mustang cruising on the road.

5. Object Related Editorial Content with an event:

Format : Location, Date : Description of Item at Event Title
Example: Detroit, Michigan – January 12, 2009 : Red colored Ford Mustang on display at the North American International Auto Show Detroit, Michigan.

6. Natural Disasters Related Editorial Content:

Format : Location, Date – Description
Example: Houston, Texas – December 6, 2009 : Pickup truck submerged in water after heavy downpour.

7. Natural Disasters Related Editorial Content with Venue:

Format : Location, Date – Description of Event
Example: Ventura, California, July 6, 2009 : Bush fire consumed 25 acres and was quickly controlled by more than 100 firefighters from various parts of California.

Keep things short and simple by following these pointers:

  1. Enter a minimum of 7 keywords for each image.
  2. Keywords should be separated by commas, everything between commas is treated as a keyword or a key phrase.
  3. Prioritize more on most relevant keywords by putting them in front of the list.
  4. Describe the image as accurately as possible.
  5. Provide keywords ONLY in English.
  6. Provide more keywords so that your image matches more searches and can be easily found.
  7. Refrain from adding unrelated keywords (spamdexing) in order to have your images appear more often in any search.
  8. Do not put in dates of the event in the keyword list. It is allowed in the description only.
  9. Copyrighted keywords of famous brands and names like Audi, McDonald’s, Michael Jackson and Teflon are allowed to be included in the keyword list.
  10. Be a little more meticulous when filling in the keywords to avoid any errors as it’s not possible for you to edit once the images have been accepted.
  11. Bad keywording example – McDonald’s fast food restaurant, consumers enjoying, New York City United States.
    Good keywording example – McDonald’s, fast food, restaurant, consumers, enjoying, New York City, United States.

Strategies to Describe and Keyword Your Editorial Content

Now that you have gone through the procedures and guidelines on describing and keywording your Editorial content, here are a few strategies/tips to ensure that you have described and keyworded your content to its finest especially if this is your initial submission to 123RF.

Strategy for Describing Editorial Content

We would recommend that the descriptions for your Editorial content that you follow the examples that we have provided earlier in Guidelines to Describe and Keyword Your Editorial Content. By adding the date of events or shows, potential clients will be able to locate your editorial images. This is important because some events are held annually and it will help narrow down the search results and your image will be among the top-ranked ones on our page.

Strategy for Keywording Editorial Content

You should include keywords that are precise and accurate. These are a few fields in which you may want to ensure is available in your keyword list:

  1. People (VIP names)
    It is important that you add people names when they are in the image. You should also include the title or role if he/she is the President. It is crucial NOT to touch on sensitive issues and keyword them such as infidelity, anorexia, drug use, dieting especially when the image is related to famous people. Examples of people keywords are:
    Barack Obama, US President, Robert Downey Jr., Mariah Carey, and etc.
  2. Events
    It is important that you add the name of the event, show, or natural disaster. This is because some clients already know what they are looking for and may use our advanced search to narrow down the results on our site. Examples of events keywords are:
    Summit, United Nations Conference, Emmy Awards, Fashion Week, Formula 1 Race, and etc.

  3. Object Names
    It is important that you add the accurate object featured in your editorial content. If you know the specific model or series, please do not hesitate to include it into your keyword list. Examples of object name keywords are:
    Boeing 777, iPhone, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Starbucks, and etc.
  4. Location
    You should add in the location for which the event was held/happened. It is recommended to include the city, state, province, and country. Some city locations have similar names therefore if the state/country is mentioned, it will help searchability on our site. Examples of location keywords are:
    New York Fashion Week, Grand Prix Sepang Kuala Lumpur, and etc.

Be specific in highlighting the fields above. Keyword appropriately and as accurately as possible to enhance searchability on the site.

Happy Keywording!