Audio Submission Requirements

  • Mono and stereo are accepted.
  • MP3 files must be in minimum of 320kbps depth.
  • Only AIFF, WAV, MP3 file formats are accepted. Upload either one file format only.
  • Audio bitrate for all AIF and WAV files should be either in 16-bit or 24-bit.
  • Copyrighted keywords and equipment brand used to produce the audios must NOT be included in the description or keywords field.
  • We will only accept audio files with a sampling rate of either 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz.

Uploading Your Audio

  • Launch and connect to your FTP
  1. Connect to:
    • Host :
    • Username : Your 123RF Account Username
    • Password : Your 123RF Account Password
  2. Local site : Where your files are located
  3. Remote site : Where your files will be uploaded
  4. This is where you may check on the status of your uploads; Queued, Failed, and Completed
  • Drag and drop your tracks from section B (Local site) to section C (Remote site). Your uploads will begin and you will see the progress in section D. Please refer to the image above.
  • Once your tracks have been uploaded, you will see them in section C (Remote site).
  • Login to
  • Access the Contributor’s Dashboard by scrolling down to the bottom of the site and clicking on “123RF Contributors” button.
  • Click on the “Upload Content” button
  • Select “Audio”
  • Select “Audio”, “FTP Upload”, and click on “Next”
  • Tick the “Agreement” box and click on “Next”
  • Your files will be queued for processing. You may leave the page as it will not disrupt the process

Completing Your Submissions

Once your images are done processing, it’ll appear in the Manage Content page where you can add Descriptions and Keywords to complete your uploads.

There are 4 tabs in your Manage Media page:

  • Draft – Shows recently uploaded content, insert keywords and descriptions here
  • Pending – Content pending for review
  • Rejected – Content reviewed and rejected
  • Accepted – Content reviewed and accepted

For more detailed information, explore our Guide to Describing and Keywording Audio Content.