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ATTENTION! We have recently revised our Affiliate Program on 1st June 2014 to boost your money-making efforts, regardless if you are our existing or future partner!

So What’s Different?

  • A higher affiliate fee of 25% of your referees’ first purchase WITHIN 1 year of their registration date will be in your pockets!
  • There is no limit to the number of buyers you refer and you can earn a fee of up to $300 per referral.
  • The program is available for buyers you refer only.
  • The program will no longer be applicable to contributors referred.

But I Referred Someone Before 1st June 2014?

Don’t worry. For those who referred someone before the system overhaul on 1st June 2014, the old rules still apply so you can be assured that your earnings will not be affected.

In a nutshell:

You Referred… To Within You Get
Before 1st June 2014 Contributor 6 months expiry 10% of ALL sales
Buyer 1 year expiry 15% of ALL purchases
After 1st June 2014 Contributor N/A N/A
Buyer 1 year expiry 25% of FIRST purchase

That’s all to it! Interested to grow money together? Register for our affiliate program now and reap what you sow!