Music is usually used as background filler while you speak in your videos. It’s usually what people have in Youtube or TikTok channels, too. The music you choose should definitely follow the branding of your channel and the theme of your video. It should also speak of your brand or style to your audience. For example, selecting a classical piece for a dude dancing in a hip-hop video would probably be hard to pull off. (But if you can, why not go for it?)

Deciding On An Intro And Outro

Personal branding is important. That’s how your audience will remember your videos – when you have an intro that matches your channel’s personality.

How To Select Music Files For Videos - 123RF Blog

Is it necessary to have an intro and an outro track, too? BIG YES. Have an outro, so that your videos don’t just end abruptly. All the videos across your channel will be kept consistent. You’ll also be able to add a call-to-action at the end of your video with an outro. Whether it’s asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel, to mention about your upcoming video, or giving a shout out to someone – make use of an outro.

Hiring A Composer

Now, if you have the dough and are willing to shell out for a composer, why not? You’ll be spoilt for choice with sites like Twine and Soundcloud. Whether you’re going for cinematic scores or guitar riffs, you’ll be able to get a unique tracks for your video. These composers will be able to provide you a score, design sound or high quality mixes that suit your film.

How To Select Music Files For Videos - 123RF Blog

Appealing To Your Demographic

Say your channel appeals to a more mature audience. For example, you’re handling a gourmet cooking channel for serious cooks. Your theme is classy, refined, and haute. A score like slow jazz or a light piano would probably work great in the background. This may appeal to a like-minded demographic.

How To Select Music Files For Videos - 123RF Blog

Here’s a breakdown. Your music files and videos should:

  • match your personal brand (or the branding of your company)
  • appeal to your audience or demographic
  • suit the theme of the video you’re going for

All of that sounds tough – but with the right choices and even sound effects, you’ll be able to create great videos in no time. Experiment with your music style, and play around with what works for you. There’s really no right or wrong here – it’s your personal choice. Ready to start adding some great tracks to your videos? Search for great music in our library.

How To Select Music Files For Videos - 123RF Blog