Uploading a picture is easy, we made sure of that but are you uploading your files in the proper format? This is where it gets a little confusing, and we have had so many inquiries on vector uploading errors that we feel deserves a blog post of its own. The common mistake in this case is when you meant to upload your files in the EPS format but somehow ended up with the JPEG format instead. Don’t worry, we got you covered, read on to avoid making the same mistake ever again.

Uploading your Vector Illustration file(s):

  1. Login to your 123RF account.
  2. Access the Contributor’s Dashboard.
  3. Click on the ‘Upload‘ button.
  4. Select ‘Illustrations (EPS)‘
IMPORTANT: Now this is where the common mistake happens – PROCESSING, Many contributors often process their submissions as Photos instead of Illustrations (EPS). View the image below for a clearer idea.
  1. Click the ’Continue >>‘ button.
  2. Set up your FTP client to upload to 123RF.com by choosing “FTP settings / Check Upload FTP Results”
  3. Connect your FTP client to 123RF’s FTP server. Please use the following settings:
    • Host Address/Server : ftp.123rf.com
    • Username : Your Username (UID)
    • Password : Your login password at 123rf.com
  4. Once you click on ‘Quickconnect‘, you will see a connection response at the top.
  5. When you are connected, look for the filename folder on your right. You must upload your EPS and JPG file pairs into this folder.
  6. Upload your vector illustrations by dragging and dropping the JPG and EPS files into the filename panel on the right (Make sure you have 2 file formats ready: JPG and EPS). The filenames of these 2 files have to be the same except for the extension.
Example: You have chosen illustration001 as your first vector illustration filename. – Please name the JPG preview file as illustration001.jpg. – Please name the actual EPS logo file as illustration001.eps. 11. Proceed to drag your files into the FTP Server. 12. Return to “Step 5”, proceed and click on “Click here to process your uploaded files.” 13. The status panel where the ‘successful transfer’ tab indicates the status of images being uploaded to our server. *IMPORTANT : Please ensure that both filenames (JPEG and EPS) for each image are identical. EXAMPLE : test.jpg & test.eps.   ftp uploading.jpg FTP uploaded.jpg   Hope you’ve got it right this time! Need more visual clarity? View the “Learn How To Upload Vector EPS Files Correctly” video.