A model release is a legal document in which the photographed model grants the photographer the permission to photograph and distribute the images of the model under certain conditions. Model releases protect the photographer, the model, the agency and the end user from any disagreements that were to arise prior to the distribution of those images.

Requirements for a Model Release

Filling up the Model Release is pretty self explanatory.

By the way: If you are living in a country that does not use English as its primary language, you may translate the Model Release into the native language and use it accordingly in the same capacity. Don’t worry, we accept Model Releases in other languages too!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Adult Model Release: For Models ABOVE 18 years of age (ABOVE 21 years of age in certain countries)
    All the adult model release are required to obtain signatures by the model.
  • Minor Model Release: For Models BELOW 18 years of age (BELOW 21 years of age in certain countries)
    When shooting models below the age limit, you are required to obtain signatures of the legal parent or guardian of the model.
  • Always get a 3rd party to witness the Model Release and endorse the Model Release appropriately. The photographer/model is not allowed to sign off as a witness in a Model Release.
  • Please provide truthful information of the model to the best of your ability. In the event of lawsuits, model releases serve to protect not only the photographer but also the model and the agency that markets your content.

Here’s How To Upload Model Releases to 123RF

Download the Model Release

  1. Login to 123RF.com (if you haven’t already done so)
  2. Go to the Contributor’s Dashboard and click on Upload. Next, select “4” (Release) to decide whether you need your release form, or just download them directly here. If you find it’ll be easier, why not save or bookmark this page as a guide? 🙂

You can also access the contributor dashboard here:

Model Releases - Here's Everything You Need To Know - 123RF Blog

Filling in the Model Release

You can use the same model release form for both adults and minors. For minors, you’ll need their parent/guardian’s signature to provide stock photo consent. Please refer to the image guides below on how to fill in model releases for models.

IMPORTANT: If you (the contributor) are going to be the model in your own photo shoot, you’re also required to submit a model release for yourself.

Model Release Guide For Adults

Model Releases - Here's Everything You Need To Know - 123RF Blog

Model Release Guide For Minors

Model Releases - Here's Everything You Need To Know 123RF Blog


  • Physical copies of the Model Releases can be filled in via handwriting, and must be scanned in an Upright Horizontal position. (if you do not own a scanner, you are allowed to snap a photo of the Model Release in the same manner – the information written must be clear and readable on the image)
  • Photographer’s / Model’s information on Model Releases can also be filled in via computer software programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint but signatures of both photographer and model must be via handwriting.
  • Model releases are accepted in JPG or PDF formats only.

Uploading Model Releases to 123RF

Now that you have already filled in the Model Releases for your images (make sure both physical and soft copies of the Model Releases are kept in a safe place), you will have to upload the Model Release(s) into our system.

  1. Head over to our upload page (as in STEP 1) Click on “Releases”. Click on the link “Upload one now
  2. Browse for the Model Release on your computer. Select the Model Release that you want to upload for your images.
  3. Choose the appropriate Type of Release that you are about to upload. For this case, Select “Model” in the drop menu.
  4. After attaching the release that you are looking for, key in a name for your release (eg: model_name_date_of_photoshoot.jpg/pdf). You may also key in a description of your model release for your own reference.
  5. Click on “Upload” and the uploading will begin.
  6. Your uploaded Releases will be shown like this:

Attaching Your Releases to Your Images

Now that you’ve already uploaded your releases, here is the fun part. You are just a step away from having the proper releases attached to the respective models of your images.

Make sure to have an image of the model in the release, although optional, it is advisable to do so for easy reference on our side. Please refer to the images below to understand better.

  • Need to head back to the release page? Simply select “Back to Release Folder” as shown in the screenshot at #6 above. You will see that your uploaded Release is now in a table like the one below.
  • To attach Model Release to your images, click on the checkbox of the model releases that you wish to use. Have more than one model present in your photos? It’s possible to check SEVERAL model releases at a time.
  • If you want to check out your uploaded release, click on the PDF/JPG icon beside the release file’s name.
Model Releases - Here's Everything You Need To Know - 123RF Blog
  • Next, click on the “Attach Selected Releases to Photos” tab.
  • You’ll be directed to a new page that shows the status of your “checked release” that you are going to attach to the images of the respective models in your portfolio.

Tip: Confused by all the photo sorting? You can also select the upload dates of your photos that requires the selected release(s) to be attached. This is a quicker and easier way for you to see which photos have releases or not.

Model Releases - Here's Everything You Need To Know - 123RF Blog
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see your image (example image) arranged in a manner that will be easy for you to “check”. To begin, check the “Attach (model-release-name)” and start attaching relevant photographs. Once checked, your images will have the model release attached to their images respectively.

If ALL your images belong to one model in your release, you are allowed to “Attach All” in order to cut down your time from clicking one by one. It’s one release per model.

That’s it for submitting model releases to 123RF. To browse more contributor guides on legal-related releases, head over here.