Pixlr X is a free online tool that helps you edit your images quickly and easily. As long as you don’t clear your browser cookies, Pixlr X can save your editing history on its dashboard. You can continue where you left off in no time – simply launch Pixlr X again. If you’re looking to pixelate images but want to skip the hassle of paying or downloading an editing program, give Pixlr X a go.

Okay, so let’s get into this. You can watch the video below for a quick glimpse on how to pixelate images, and check out the written guide too.

Basically, we’ll be taking this photo from this original state…

Pixelate images With Pixlr X! - 123RF Blog

To this pixelated state.

Pixelate images With Pixlr X! - 123RF Blog

Here’s how to pixelate images with Pixlr X:

  • Click on Filter.
  • Select Pixelate from the sidebar that appears.
  • Adjust the slider according to your preference.
  • Adjust the image exposure or add effects – entirely up to you!

Explore this page for more quick and easy tutorials.