Have you purchased an image recently on 123RF? Perhaps you’ve seen a photo you’d like to buy, but there are some things you want to alter after purchasing. You might need to make some quick edits, namely: resizing, cropping, rotating or adjusting the contrast or brightness of the image. We’ve just rolled out an all new image editing tool powered by Pixlr, neatly integrated into our system.

Here’s how it works:

Start altering your image via our editing tool.

Right beside the size options on the page of your image, you’ll see a tab that says Edit. Click on that and you’ll see a quick summary of Pixlr, our integrated AI-powered photo editing tool.

Seamlessly Edit 123RF Images With Our All New Pixlr Integration - 123RF Blog
Select the Edit Image tab to begin!

123RF’s integrated editing tool will open in a pop-up tab or window, depending on your existing browser settings. After it loads your chosen image, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to resize your image before you start editing. It’s entirely up to you, really.

Select your auto-resizing option from the menu.

Choose from the range of Ultra HD, Full HD and web options. Here’s what my downloaded image looks like once placed automatically into our AI-powered editing tool. (If it’s too large for you, just use your mouse scroll button to instantly zoom in and out so you can make better editing judgments.)

Ta-da! All set to begin editing!

Introduction to seamless editing tools in Pixlr X Advanced:

Check out my quick mini video below to see the range of photo editing tools you’ll be able to access within Pixlr X Advanced.

Here are a couple of videos to show you examples of how I’d edit an image I’ve just purchased. Usually, users would want to find the quickest and easiest way to resize an image.

Resizing an image with Pixlr X Advanced:

Cropping an image easily:

By the way, cropping an image does not mean you’re resizing it! What the crop tool does is take a selected part of your photo and subtract the rest of it. Don’t know the exact dimensions of your social media profile or cover? There are preset sizes on a drop-down menu that you can choose from when you click on Select aspect tab. Check out my video below to view the crop tool process.

Adding an overlay effect:

Other than resizing, maybe you might want to add something fancy, like a photo effect. At least, one that’s convenient and fits the tone of your image. In the video below, I chose the Bokeh overlay effect to go over my chosen photo.

AI Cutout:

Need a quick cutout done so you don’t have to do it manually? The X Advanced has a newly improved cutout tool that will extract the best parts of your photo for you. Using AI to trace out the perfect curves and lines of your selected focal point, X’s Cutout tool saves time and subtracts the hassle of manual image extraction.

Ready to start creating? You might have to log into your 123RF account to download and begin editing your chosen image. Sign into your 123RF account to make edits to an image of your choice! If you don’t have an account with us, sign up today for a special 15% discount on all plans site-wide with our gift code:


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Find the best images and explore the all new Pixlr X, plus the creative freedom it can offer, right at your fingertips.