What’s the best Halloween stock photo? 

You’ve got the usual jack-o-lantern being used in every social media post. From Halloween banners to greeting cards, pumpkins are everywhere! But does Halloween really need to be that predictable and mundane?

Absolutely not. This October 31st, we’re doing it a little different. So swap out the pumpkin for the real deal. Think of bloodthirsty clowns, vengeful spirits, demonic dolls, gory ghouls and every other possible manifestation of your worst nightmare. Check out our collection of the scariest Halloween stock photos for your ultimate horror indulgence! 

Crazy clowns

First up, crazy, creepy clowns. For some reason, you just never know what’s going on in their head. Behind that ear-to-ear grin is a mind that’s determined to watch the world burn. But let’s not point all fingers at them.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has brilliantly showed how society helped to create their own downfall. Phoenix’s character was very much a part of a community, albeit one that destroyed him and pushed him to the brink of destruction. Therefore, playing a major role where Phoenix went from a cowardly clown to the master of chaos.

Vengeful spirits

There’s nothing that divides opinions more than a debate about the existence of the supernatural force. While the western world may have split views about this, the Asian community is the exact opposite.

Ever-present in Southeast Asian folklore, the vengeful female spirit is one you do not want to mess around with. With pale skin, long black hair, detached torsos and frightening fangs, this sinister character is a must-have in our gory Halloween stock photo collection. 

Demonic dolls 

Dolls are an ever present aspect of all things evil. There’s just something deeply disturbing about a doll and their demeanor. Doubt this? Clearly, you’ve missed out on Chucky and Annabelle. So the next time you decide to play dress up with one, our Halloween stock photo should do well to make you think twice about this. 

Bloodthirsty zombies 

Whisper about zombies and the end of the world is inevitable. These creatures flirt between the borderline of the living and the dead, often enough, chasing us mere mortals, with a thirst for blood and hunger for flesh. Also, on a lighter note, zombies provide great inspiration for anyone looking for some cool Halloween costumes and makeup.  

Impressed? Check out our gruesome Halloween stock photo likebox to help you scare the living daylights out of anyone, anywhere, anytime. Also, do read up on Halloween dessert ideas for some last-minute party prep!