Remember the Fyre Festival? This so called luxury music festival certainly conned the entire world. But if there’s one positive takeaway from this, it’s the spot-on video marketing campaign. Therefore, for businesses out there, incorporating bits and pieces of footage into your digital strategies is a must. Learn how stock footage can be used in your next viral video.

1.  Keep your video marketing trending

Stock footage is allows you to stay up to date with trends.

Keeping up with trends is one of the most difficult things to achieve. There seems to be something just around the corner, from the likes of the mannequin challenge to the dab and the ice bucket. However, it’s almost impossible to predict the next big viral story. And if there ever was a secret formula, we’d be laughing our way to the shares and retweets.

So where does stock content fit into this equation? Unlike opting for the traditional route and getting a videographer to film and produce an advert, our royalty free photos, footage and audio allows you to get your hands on trending content with a couple of clicks. Therefore, ensuring you’re always staying ahead of your competitors.     

2. Stock content’s return to authenticity

Here’s how to eat a salad. Welcome to the real world people.

Now this is sure to ruffle some feathers. Over the years, stock content has gained a massive reputation for being extremely staged. Like who actually smiles as wide as the Joker when eating a salad? And that too, an undressed, dry salad!

However, we’ve started taking steps to fix this issue with a series of image collections dealing with real-world depictions such as redefining masculinity, negative social stereotypes and celebrating women empowerment.

And this return to authenticity is one of the main reasons why stock content can help business better relate to their target audiences with heartwarming video marketing.

3. Using motion graphics in advertising

Animation is a great way to offer some creativity in your ads.

Motion graphics is one of the best ways to capture attention, especially on social media. The reason for this lies in its ability to produce something different for the audience. Motion graphics also allows for a creative concept to step in and take over.

Therefore, getting the audience to remain engaged with the advert. However, creating these videos from scratch is easier said than done. Thankfully, stock content is here to help. Although it does not completely eliminate the skill required to create such content, it sure does make it a whole lot easier.  

4. The rise of how-to’s and brand storytelling

Real people, real stories. That’s how you connect brand storytelling with your audience.

How-to’s are great. From Buzzfeed-like listicles to Buffer’s in-depth marketing tips, the possibilities of content are endless. And how-to videos are known to be some of the most evergreen pieces of content out there.

Meanwhile, as for brand storytelling, there is a reason why content marketers are in demand, as businesses see the need to connect with their target audience and make an impact in their lives. However, once again, how does stock content fit into this narrative?

Creating how-to and brand storytelling videos requires plenty of resources. And this equates to having a big budget, something that not every marketer is blessed with. Hence, enter the world of stock content, a faster and more affordable alternative for your video marketing needs.

If you’re yet to jump on the video marketing bandwagon, the time is now, especially with stock content readily available. Alternatively, read up on how stock photos can help improve your company’s branding.