Create An Enchanting Ice Fairy – Part 2

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This is the second part of a three part tutorial on how to create an enchanting Ice Fairy. If you’ve missed the first part, don’t worry, the index to all three parts are listed below. We’ll see you back here in a bit.

Here’s the rest of the tutorial. Enjoy!

Step 48

Open a new 300 Resolution file with Width 1680 pixels and Height 1050 pixels. This will be the working canvas in which we place all our work.

Step 49
Open a background image of your favourite icebound scenery and move it to this new composition file. Go to Edit > Free Transform or press Ctrl + T to scale the image to your desired size and move it to the proper position.

Image ID: 5331486 © Moodboard

Step 50
Click and drag the Ice Fairy (“Layer 1”) to the composition file.

Step 51
Press Ctrl + T to transform the Fairy image.

Step 52
Base on your composition ideas, scale the image and place it to your desired position.

Step 53
Press Ctrl + J or drag “Layer 1” towards the New Layer icon to duplicate a layer. At the same time, disable the eye icon on “Layer 2” to make it temporarily invisible.

Step 54
Next, go to Filter > Artistic > Cutout.

Step 55
The setting for this Cutout effect is Number of Levels:8, Edge Simplicity:1, Edge Fidelity:1.

Step 56
Go to Filter > Noise > Median.

Step 57
Set the Radius to 3 pixels.

Step 58
Go to Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap.

Step 59
The Plastic Wrap effect setting is Highlight Strength:3, Detail:3, Smoothness:10.

Step 60
Change “Layer 1 copy” to Multiply mode and 70% of Opacity.

Step 61
Select “Layer 1” and “Layer 1 copy”.

Step 62
Press Crtl + E to merge layers.

Step 63
Press Ctrl + B to change color. My setting for this color balance effect is Shadows:-21,+13,+26; Midtones:-34,0,+12; Highlights:-21,+2,+10.

Step 64
Press Ctrl + J to duplicate a copy of  “Layer 1 copy”.

Step 65
Go to Filter > Stylize > Find Edges.

Step 66
This is how it should look like after Find Edges effect.

Step 67
Change this layer to Multiply and Opacity to 60%.

Step 68
Click and hold Shift to select these two layers.

Step 69
Press Ctrl + E to merge these two layers together.

Step 70
Select “Layer 2” and press Ctrl + J to duplicate another layer.

Step 71
Go to Filter > Stylize > Find Edges.

Step 72
This is the effect after Find Edges.

Step 73
Change this layer to Multiply mode and Opacity to 38%.

Step 74
Select “Layer 2” and “Layer 2 copy” by pressing and holding “Shift”.

Step 75
Press Ctrl + E to merge the layers.

Step 76
Open a butterfly image. Press W to select Magic Wand Tool and click on the white background.

Image ID: 3733601 © Christian Musat

Step 77
Press Ctrl + Shift + I to inverse the selection of the white background.

Step 78
Go to Select > Modify > Feather Selection.

Step 79
Set the Feather Radius to 1 pixels.

Step 80
Press L to select Lasso Tool and press Alt to deselect unwanted areas except for its feelers.

Step 81
Ctrl + C to copy feelers and Ctrl + V to paste it to the layout.

Step 82
Press Ctrl + T to transform and activate the warp mode to bend the feelers.

Getting excited? Our Final tutorial here Creating an Enchanting Ice Fairy (Part 3) will complete this lovely image!

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